Where To Find The Best CBD In London

The United Kingdom is on the forefront of new changes that are coming about and especially in the last 50 years, the pace has only quickened. The miracle drug is officially legal in the land of the brits, and is lawful to possess if it does not contain any traces of THC in it. The drug that has made its way into our coffee, moisturisers and protein shakes has made its way into the United Kingdom, and there is no telling to what extent this drug will be taken into the society but the furore created would tell you that it is being received with open arms! A warm welcome, indeed!

There is no doubt of the multitude of benefits that this drug boasts of, and what is surprising is that it delivers on most of them if not all! The support for over-the-counter prescription drug is waning, and the reason is simply because of the baggage that it comes with; the side effects of blood thinning, increased risk of stroke and cardiac arrest are too serious for anyone to look the other way for. Plus the whole idea of a “herbal & organic” approach has become a norm that many of the young professionals that are running in the race of life, have aimed for.

And there is no doubt that CBD helps in that regard!

Nowadays, CBD can be bought from a variety of places right from retail stores to off the internet. The choices are endless and the consumers can sometimes get overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands and types of CBD products available to buy. Our focus will be on helping the residents of London find their way about the city streets, and help them find the top places in London that house these prized gems.

CBD And Ways In Which You Can Consume It

The sacred ingredient found in hemp or cannabis is one of the many such substances one can hope to bump into when extracting the plant’s contents. The miracle drug is revered my millions for the host of benefits that it makes available for its users. The ways in which you can administer these depends on how quick you want the effects to be felt, how intense the effect must be and for how long the effects must last.

Based on these there are oils and tinctures with which you can ingest sublingually. The gummy drops and capsules can be ingested orally. You can inhale the CBD vapours with the help of a vape pen or a bong. Or you may even choose to apply an ointment or cream on the area where you are having pain or discomfort.

The Top CBD Stores In London For You

The list of CBD stores are growing and the choices are only getting vaster. We have noted down the top CBD stores for you to drop down at for your next CBD shopping spree. Have a look.

  • The Other Side Cannabinoid Dispensary

They are considered as the flag bearers in the drive to bringing CBD to our homes in the UK. Their rise is much so because of the high quality CBD products that were strewn in the market. By far, one of the stores that sells one of the best CBD in London.

The Other side Cannabinoid Dispensary set up at 261 Portobello Road, Notting hill, wanted to bring a change in this regard and that is what gave birth to the company developing its own strain of full spectrum CBD extract for the market. And you can see the effort that has gone into each and every single product on their shelves! Their envisioned goal to put out reasonably prized high quality CBD product is now a reality.

All the products are third party lab tested and the certificates that are posted on their website will tell the consumers exactly what they need to know of the product that they are putting inside them. The products are clean with the least amount of toxins and contaminants in it. You can find the following in their disposal:

  • CBD oils and tinctures
  • CBD skin care: Face wash, face masks, face serums, bath bombs, balms and rolls
  • CBD drinks: CBD infused beverages
  • CBD edibles: Chocolates, gummy drops, energy bars
  • CBD vapes: Vape pens, Vaping accessories and pocket shredders to grind and crush leaves.

Apart from their products, they also sell the CBD products of other suppliers as well such as DaVinci, Drink 420, Pot Head Coffee, Privy Beach, THCTC, Creating Better Days, Aztec, Graces London, Kanaco, Tillman’s Tranquils, LDN CCELL, Choco Budz, Papa And Barkley, Buddha Teas and many more.

  • Canna Club

This is a store opened not too far back in the heart of central London at 228 Shoreditch High Street. The reason for their skyrocketing success is because of the high quality products they put out, their transparency in their testing and labelling, and the quick hassle-free customer service to help you with problems any step of the way.

The way Canna club approaches CBD is to remove the stigma that surrounds it and by properly educating potential customers the correct and accurate information about this life saving drug. The store conducts workshops and in-store events that teach the masses the rights and wrongs of what they’re hearing. They are quite active on the digital front, and regularly update their blogs; they are also active on social media as well and put up their new products post on their handles.

The kind of products that you will hope to find include CBD vapes, Edibles, Creams & Lotions, Pax vapour and shelves of other hemp products. Apart from their own produce, there are also other suppliers that you can also find on their shelves from Izy Vape, Ultraflo, Cubid CBD to Drink 420, Esenia, CBD One, Bradley’s brand and many more.


Situated in 126 Camden road, this is a firm that concentrates on wellbeing and sophistication, Both of which you will feel the minute you step into their store! The store has managed to gain popularity which was further cemented by their coverage on the Vogue, The Sunday Times, The Guardians, and GQ among many others.

The co-founders Joseph Olive and Aaron Horn both saw and experienced what CBD can do, and seized the opportunity to reach out to the market to million others who were still yet to dwell into the world of CBD. The company sells a range of products through both its wholesale as well as affiliate networks. The products include massaging oils, skin creams and lotions, and CBD products that are aimed at health and wellness such as edible and CBD supplements.

They have an ecommerce website that allows you to go through their vast range of products and buy anything that you will find use of, delivered right at your door step. The other brands that are housed in their retail store include known CBD brands such as Pin gum, Maven, The Hemp Garden and many others.

  • Mr NICE

This seemingly inconspicuous looking black brick coloured store may not capture your attention at first glance. But you trace your eyes to the board, and the name Mr NICE will tell you exactly what it is. Inspired from the life of cannabis activist Howard Marks, this little store takes up a nice cosy spot up on 23 Noel St. They opened their first store in the heart of Soho.

The kind of products that they make available for anyone looking range from both high-end premium CBD products as well as those that are less aggressive on your wallet. You will find clothing and other fashionable accessories as well on their ecommerce website!

The store focuses on selling organic, non-GMO CBD products that are free from any preservatives, impurities and additives of any kind. The firm also has a pact drawn out with Equinox, which is an international cannabis company that focuses on promoting best practices and establishing medical marijuana programmes with leading research and academic institutions all over the world. Mr NICE due to which has the best of the globally sourced strain of high quality yet decently prized cannabis products. Definitely one of the stores that sells the best CBD in London.

The Store offers plenty of products, the likes of:

  • Accessories like rolling papers, lighters, grinders, clippers and storage pouches.
  • Clothing and street wear like hoodies, shirts, joggers, hats among others
  • Plenty of CBD goodies like vapes flavours, bath bombs, CBD coffee, CBD buds, CBD tea, CBD oils and plenty more!
  • The Drug Store

You step into the store, and you might think you are in one of Apple’s ultra-chic minimalistic stores. But looking up at the display shelf and you will find premium CBD products staring back at you and not phones! The store is the go-to place for when you want to get your hands on some great quality premium CBD products of some of the best brands in the market. The drug store has also partnered with the Young LDN, a London based skin salon, to offer on-site skin treatment and products.

The Drug Store is stationed at Marylebone and a second at Fenchurch Street. The idea of designing a store such as a The Drug Store is to instil a sense of calmness and serenity when you step inside it; an idea that is very much related to the therapeutic effects of CBD. They also conduct talks by leading industry activists and owners, to yoga and pilate classes.

Be it the retail or the online store, you can find a host of their products ranging from bundles and gifts, creams and balms to edibles, capsules and oils. A must try for all CBD enthusiasts out there!

These are the list of some of the top CBD stores in London that you can get your hands on some premium, good quality yet affordable CBD products.

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