Don’t Get Separated At The British Museum! Boost Your Cell Coverage In London

The first public national museum in the world, British museum has a wide collection of artifacts that tells stories of the glorious and interesting past. The entry to the museum is free and it holds numerous exhibitions year round, attracting art enthusiasts from all parts of the world. Before the gates open to the public, you may enjoy the out-of-tours hours that focus on historic collections from countries like Egypt, Greece and China.

The most important factor that requires your attention while you tour outside your hometown is the cellular signal.  You have to make sure your cellular network provider has appreciable coverage in the locations that you are travelling to. You cannot always expect the best signals for every carrier at every location, and the best thing you can do to ensure good network coverage is to buy a cell phone booster. For instance if you make use of the Vodafone network, you can buy Vodafone mobile network booster to improve signal reception of your mobile device.

Cell Phone Booster   

A cell phone booster takes in the cellular signals available at a location and amplifies them before rebroadcasting them to the required points. Three major components of cellular signal booster are the external antenna, amplifier and internal antenna. Collecting the outside signal is the function of external antenna, while amplification is the function of the amplifier and rebroadcasting the boosted signals is the function of internal antenna.

Types Of Signal Boosters Based On Consumer Base

Based on consumer base, signal boosters are classified into three.

Consumer Signal Boosters

Consumer signal boosters are used in limited areas like homes, cars and similar mobile vehicles. Their installation is quite simple, with the process requiring hardly any technical expertise, as they are usually delivered in plug and play format.

Industrial Signal Boosters

Industrial signal boosters cover large areas like public places and commercial buildings. The design of industrial signal boosters support multiple users at the same time , and being large scale installments, the installation process of industrial signal boosters requires more planning and technical expertise. Industrial boosters are usually installed in places like airports and educational campuses.

Part 90 signal booster

The special type of signal boosters is used for public safety or in Private Land mobile Radio units, and their installation requires professionally certified installer.

A commercial booster would be the ideal option when you are on a trip as they are easy to install and use. Before you set off for a London trip to visit the historic British Museum, make sure to buy a mobile network booster to ensure the quality of your cellular communication.

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