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Famous Artworks In Louvre Museum That Featured In ‘Da Vinci Code’

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The Da Vinci Code was a hugely successful novel that was released in 2000. It is a story of fiction which involved several topics like history, religion, and architecture. Therefore, a part of the story involved the Louvre museum as one of the important locations where the story takes its course. Several important artworks from the Louvre Museum were featured in the story. Below is a discussion of some of the artworks and you can look for these items on your tour Louvre museum.

The Arago Medallion

Along with the staircase home to the Winged Victory of Samothrace, there is Arago medallion which leads to the protagonist of the story, Robert Langdon, as the story develops. This happens through an imaginary line called the ‘Rose line’ which refers to the Paris meridian. The Arago medallion is a work completed by Jean Dibbets and was installed in 1995 in the Museum. There are 135 of them throughout Paris.

The Virgin On The Rocks

This is one of the works by Leonardo Da Vinci which is shrouded in mystery. The position of the Virgin’s hand is said to hold a secret. Besides, it also has a significant part to play in the story.

The Virgin And Child With St Anne

The Virgin and Child with St Anne is a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud put forward a theory that the work conceals a vulture. The story has a similar theory utilized in its plot. You can find it in the Denon wing, on the second floor and inside room 5

Death Of The Virgin

This famous painting has a cryptic nature skillfully imbibed into it. The storyline utilizes this and builds on it for another secret. There is a draped curtain which has the same color as the robes of the Virgin. This has been taken as Caravaggio’s intention to illustrate the ascension of Jesus’ mother to her son. You can sot this painting if you visit the Denon wing. It sits in room 8 of the 2nd floor.

The Mona Lisa

There is no way the writer could have excluded this iconic painting. Mona Lisa plays a crucial role in the plot of the thriller. With several elements like her smile, and her hands, capable of mystifying the readers, the author builds the suspense effectively using this work. You can find this work in room 6 of the 2nd floor in the Denon Wing.

The artworks of Louvre Museum have immense possibilities to be used as cryptic elements of a story and this has been utilized to the fullest in ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown. You can easily visit the various works featured in the story by visiting the Louvre Museum.

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