Some Facts about Changing the Guard Ceremony

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Guard Ceremony Facts

Changing the guard ceremony is something which you cannot miss seeing, while on your tours to London. You can add this also to your itinerary along with the British museum tours. It is one of the important events in the Buckingham Palace, and there are so many things you must know about the ceremony. Here are some of the fun facts you should know about changing of the guard ceremony.

You Can Identify the Regiment

Most often, you can see five regiments during the ceremony. There are different ways in which you can identify the regiments. You may look at the color of the plume of the soldiers and say, to what regiment they belong. The symbol on the collar and the button arrangement on the tunics can also help you to identify the respective regiments. For instance, the Welsh Guard has a green and white plume representing Wales’ national vegetable. The collar of the Welsh guard has a leak as its symbol.

The Music at the Ceremony

There is music played at Buckingham Palace by the regimental band. The Director of Music will present a list of music to the Captain of the Guard, and it is he who will choose one from the list to be played. The music that is performed mostly will reflect the regiment. For example, the Welsh guard is famous for playing the music of Welsh musicians like Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones. The choice of the song will often reflect a moment in history.

Official Mascots of the British Army

If luck favors you, you will get to see an official mascot at the changing of the guard ceremony. Domenhal is the wolfhound of the Irish Guard. When there are guest regiments featured in the ceremony, you can see some other mascots. Cruachan, a Shetland pony, is of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, and there is the Mercian Regiment’s Ram as well.

The Royal Family is in Charge

It is the Royal Family which is in charge of the British Army. The Queen heads the Armed Forces, and each of the princes holds different positions in it. The Queen inspects the troops every year on her birthday in June.

You can book a changing the guard tour to know more about it and to enjoy the event with guides. This is an event which happens every day at and assures that you enjoy the ceremony at least once during your trip to London.

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