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British Museum might seem like an easy place to discover, but there are plenty of things that don’t usually meet the eyes. There are several mysterious places and things that will definitely excite you if you have a special attraction towards such places. Below is a discussion of a few insider facts that can surprise even the most passionate Museum fan. Make sure you devote time to visit these places during your British Museum Tours

The British Museum is Older than the USA

The British Museum holds the name for world’s oldest national open museum. Established in 1753, it opened for visitors in 1759. This happened 17 years before the Declaration of Independence. The museum was freely accessible to all those who wanted to gain knowledge and were curious. The same rules apply even today.

The Museum Had a Unique Tube Station for More than 30 Years

There is a huge difference in time between the British Museum cylinder station and the present. There used to be a passageway to the Museum’s underground station in 1921. The station opened its doors to the public in 1900. However, it was shut in September 1933 when the new Holborn station was constructed, below 100 yards.

The Museum Gate Was Guarded by Mike the Cat

Numerous cats have inhabited the Museum throughout the years. Maybe the most celebrated one was Mike, who watched the primary door somewhere in the range of 1909 and 1929. When he died, his tribute showed up in the Evening Standard and TIME magazine.

London’s Landmarks Could Have Been Very Different Indeed

The British Museum was established in 1753 when Sir Hans Sloane left his accumulation to the country. However, before the Museum could open to people in general, a reasonable site had to be bought. One of the major choices for the spot was a place called Buckingham House, which was later reconstructed as Buckingham Palace. Later, the important members decided to move into Montague House, which happens to be the site where the present Museum stands.

The British Museum Is So large that it requires the help of Two national institutions to Manage

Sir Hans Sloane had gathered countless history samples, and these were among the Museum’s accumulation for over a hundred years. During the 1880s, it was decided that these accumulations should move to another site in South Kensington. The initial collection contained an enormous number of original copies and books. It always kept growing finally, the British Library turned into a different organization in 1973. After all these, it stayed in the Bloomsbury location until 1997 when it shifted to the new facility on Euston Road.

Remember the above facts when you visit the British Museum the next time.

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