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Best Places for Food near London’s Major Museums

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London city is rife with numerous beautiful sightseeing places. It also houses a number of world-class exhibitions, historic houses, and stunning art galleries. Most of the permanent collections in the London museums and art galleries are totally free to see as well.

Traveling across London to enjoy its culture and beauty can be tiring at times though, and you would obviously need a place to relax and have some refreshments. However, eating food at the main tourist spots in London can be very costly. So you need to keep track of the budget-friendly spots in this charming city that provide you with cheap but tasty food. The following are some the best places to eat near popular museums in London.

Bibimbab Café

This small café located at 37 Museum St, Bloomsbury, offers you a well-organized lunch with many variations. The café has different versions of tasty bibimbab and Korean rice dishes, which is really delightful. You could get a rice bowl feast, spicy meats, or noodles in just £6 to £8 here. The Dolsot Bibimbab, which is served in a hot stone bowl, is something you should really try.

Bloomsbury Coffee House

The Bloomsbury Coffee house offers you a blend of amazing furniture, tasty and economical breakfasts, and a first-class coffee. They are open from 08:00 am every day. They close by 04:30 pm in weekdays, and at 01:30 pm every weekend and during bank holidays. You may not get a big menu here, but this is the perfect place for a warm cake and brew.

Although it is located in the busy Kings Cross area, you would find a lot of quiet tables to sit peacefully here. You could also get lunch, brunch, and delicious afternoon tea for a reasonable price of £17.50 per person.

Tea and Tattle

The Tea and Tattle is a lovely tearoom, which is situated within the Arthur Probsthain Bookstore opposite the British Museum. This awesome place provides you with a traditional miscellany of ham sandwiches as well as scones with jam and clotted cream. They offer their mouthwatering sandwiches at a rate of £4.40 and you could get the delicious scones with jam and clotted cream at £3.40.

Camera Museum

This Camera Museum is an awesome café, which provides a simple and light menu of panini, cakes, and soups. If you would like to have an awesome broth along with garlic panini bread for an exciting price of £6.50, then this is a place for you. It is located at 44 Museum St, right across the British Museum.

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