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London is a city of wonders. You will find numerous attractions here including artistic and architectural monuments. Book lovers do not have to be disappointed visiting the city as there are several places where they can find excellent books from the second-hand collections. Read on to understand some of the best places to find second-hand books in London that you can visit after your British museum tours.

Any Amount of Books

This is one of the top second-hand book stores in London. Any amount of books is split into two levels. There is a huge collection of first edition second-hand books and vintage books neatly arranged. You will also find brilliant organization along the shelves. Some of the most treasured books might be hiding at the very back. Make sure you climb to the back to take a look at every corner. Displays stay open from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm. The staff here is very friendly and helpful making the visit more comfortable.

Quinto and Francis Edwards

This place is very close to any amount of books. Francis Edwards represents the first floor of the store. This floor contains the rare editions and the first editions written by late authors mostly. The Quinto part represents the basement which contains the second-hand books. It houses all the attractive selection of books such as poetry, history, literary theory, fantasy, vintage crime and more. The shop closes on the first Tuesday of every month for restocking. It reopens at 2 O’clock on the same day and if you are here at the same time you will surely find some treasured books. However, be prepared to face a queue. You never know when you will find hidden gem, so keep exploring the place when you are here.

Oxfam Bookstore Bloomsbury

Right past the Tottenham Court Road station, take a quick right and then a left and you will reach the Oxfam book store. This is one of the most attractive second-hand book stores in the city. Overall, a great store with excellent organization and sizeable collection. You can find the best modern crime books on the crime bookshelf, but the vintage crime section holds some of the top collections which are worth checking out.

If you are a book lover, make sure you visit the above places while on a tour to London.

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