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Best Places For Cycling In Britain

British Museum Tours
British Museum Tours

Britain has a lot to offer its tourists. From the London Eye to its archaic museums entertain and educate those visiting the country for vacation. It also has places for you to run, play and cycle. Many consider cycling an outdated activity despite its health benefits. Moreover, it is a wonderful way to calm your mind when tourists like you come to take a break. Let’s look at the famous cycling destinations in Britain.

Bristol To Bath Path

This 15-mile (24 kilometers) long path connects two very beautiful tourist spots of South West Britain.  Cycling along this path as a racer/ commuter/ toddler is thrilling as you might come across several famous personalities and people of different ages riding their own cycles. You can reenergize at Warmley Cafe or stop by an old steam engine in action at Bitton. And the pubs at Saltford are open to visitors who need to fill their tummy. 

Camel Trail, Cornwall

This path is a car-free zone open to cyclists and pedestrians which is after the mesmerizing greenery of Camel Estuary. You will spot many docile animals resting and having fun as you go by. It runs through an abandoned railway line because of which it has a flat terrain- perfect for cycling in the evening. 

Richmond Park, London

If you have been cycling for a while and are looking for a challenge, you should definitely visit Richmond Park in London. Aside from its green surroundings, it has routes surrounding it with people driving cars. However, it is not dangerous to ride your cycle here as there is a speed limit of 20 mph. 

Brockenhurst, New Forest

Britain has high hills making its paths full of ups and downs. Riding a cycle in such hilly terrains is not what many people prefer. If you want to spend riding your cycle in a flat space, you should go to the New Forest. It is located in the sprawling south of London which has vast flat land. 

The Great Orme

Being short is its only downside. This path is perfect for those looking for a serene, beautiful cycling spot near the shore. The Vikings gave this limestone headland this name which means “sea monster”. The Great Orme stands 207 meters above the sea and has a 5-mile long ring at its tip. 

To enjoy your British museum tours to the maximum, you should hire a local guide who can take you to these spots whenever you want. 

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