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One of the few places that you may think about when it comes to holiday destinations will be London. The capital city of England is perfect to spend an exciting and memorable vacation. Note that the city has something in store for everyone and hence, you may blindly go for this option irrespective of your areas of interest. However, you must choose the right itinerary to make things work magically. London boasts an eclectic range of neighborhoods and you will have to choose an option that is perfect to cater to your likes and personality for this. Fortunately, there is always an area in the British Capital that is right for you.

Needless to mention, choosing the right option or narrowing down a few places from a pool of options will be quite daunting and overwhelming. On top of that, every place in London is so appealing and worth exploring, irrespective of whether you are an art enthusiast or a night owl. In order to help you out with this, below is a list of the best neighborhoods in London that is perfect for different personalities.

For Foodies

Are you a foodie or do you love exploring the culinary culture of the place that you visit? Then, the Hackney neighborhood will be the right option for you. It is worth noting that this is one of the upcoming quarters for food in London. You can find almost every type of eateries here, ranging from street food stalls to established restaurants. The aroma of flavors from this London quarter is sure to drive in all the foodies out there.

Without any doubts, Hackney is full of tasty delights and can be described as the paradise for food lovers in the English capital city. Another perfect choice that no foodie can turn down is the Borough market. Since this bazaar is located at the center of the city, you can easily find accommodation nearby. Note that the borough market features a dizzying range of organic veggies and fresh farm-made cheese.

Other tasty food dishes that you can taste at Borough market include a gourmet goat, hotdogs, Monmouth coffee, etc. What will be more delightful and relaxing than getting all these stuff at your doorstep during your stay in the city? Besides, purchasing food from Borough market will be way affordable than having food from the restaurants.

For Art Lovers

There will be hardly any person who does not appreciate the arts. Still, there will be some travelers who are keen only on exploring the artworks or art culture of a place. If you belong to this category, the Camden neighborhood will be the perfect choice for you. On a related note, this quarter is a hub to find all kind of artsy people such as painters, sculptors, musicians, street performers, dabblers, and whatnot. Hence, every artsy person is recommended to travel around this slightly anarchic and liberal area of London. Without any doubts, you are sure to relish all your amazing moments that you spend here for a lifetime.

If you are interested, you can also learn new art forms or crafts at Camden arts center. Furthermore, visit any of the jazz cafes here and soak up the energy or listen to the trending bands in the city. Another picturesque location that is likely to make every artsy person go crazy is Kings Cross. This neighborhood is under regeneration, which is almost complete.

The main highlight of this quarter is a unique zest and urgency that is not seen in many decades. Currently, many theatre spaces and galleries have sprung up at this area. Moreover, the rent or hotel fares in this area are relatively low. You can also reach the popular Soho neighborhood and central London from here within a few minutes through metro rail.

For Tranquility Lovers

Do you love to spend time in tranquility? Do you prefer staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city rather than traveling around central London? Then, exploring the Canonbury quarter will be surely a serene experience for you. This area is located right between Highbury and Dalston. Even though there are many large houses that boast some of the best real estates in the English capital in this area, the tree-lined lane secludes it perfectly from the city and gives it an understated appeal. Plus, you will be amazed to see the frequency of yummy cafes and noodle bars that pops up at this harmonious quarter.

Another place where every Londoner tends to reach out when they feel like spending some time in peace is the green spaces and parks here. Note that Richmond Park, which sits on the scenic Thames River, is the largest and one of the most serene areas in the city. This spectacular park is sure to make you feel like in a tranquil world away from London. Furthermore, the park offers plenty of space and trails for walking, running, and cycling.

Just come here and make your way out of the heaving crowds in the city. Walthamstow and Greenwich neighborhoods are also ideal choices if you would like to explore the peaceful green spaces or villages in London. There will be hardly any spot at these quarters that is not photogenic. So, click some amazing photos for your travel diary.

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