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Here are some interesting facts about the British Museum that you may not find out during the British Museum guided tour. These facts are not commonly known and you will be amazed to know them. These facts will also give you some knowledge about the history of the British Museum.

This Museum is way too older than USA

The British Museum which was founded in 1753 is the world’s oldest national public museum in the world. The museum was opened for public in 1759 which is prior to the Declaration of Independence. The museum entry is free to all those who are interested to explore it.

There was a tube station alone for the Museum for 30 years

The museum had an underground tube station which was closed after 30 years. This station was opened in 1900 but later it was closed because of the opening of Holborn station which is almost 100 yards away from this station. The station was closed in 1933.

The British Museum was among the buildings which used electric lighting in the early periods

The Museum was lit only with the help of natural daylight until the 19th century. Candles or other lamps such as oil lamps and gas lamps were not used in the museum as there is a high chance of fire. As a result of this, the museum was closed early in the winter season because of the poor lighting or if there is a fog. The British Museum was enlisted among the public buildings that became the first ones to use electric lighting. Electric lighting was done experimentally in 1879 in the Reading Room, the Front Hall as well as in the Forecourt. Although the lighting system was not much reliable it became possible for the Reading Room to stay open until 07.00 in the evening during the winter season. Within another 10 years, a more improved system for electric lighting was introduced in other areas too.

During the Second World War, the Museum was evacuated including most of its collections

The plan to evacuate the British Museum began in 1933. A bombproof tunnel was constructed at Aberystwyth and the evacuation started on the 23rd of August 1939. Sculptures that are heavy and cannot be moved were kept in the Aldwych Tube tunnel.

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