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London is a place where tourists can visit on a high budget or even a low budget. There are so many things which one can do in the city free of cost. The list of the free things that you can do in the city during your tours to London is very long. Here are some of the important things which you would love doing in your London city tours.

Go on a Free Walking Tour

There are many free walking tours in the city, from which you may choose the one you find good for you. There will be voluntary guides to help you on this journey. You are not obliged to pay them anything, but people usually give them a tip according to their wish at the end of the trip. Going on such a walking tour can help you learn and explore many new things, which you did not know earlier.

See the Main Attractions in the City

Many of the main attractions of the city are indeed free of charge for anyone to visit. This includes the iconic structures like the London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Bridge, London Dungeon, Waterloo Bridge, etc. While you visit all these places, you will see many street artists on your way, which will be an amazing experience.

Visit the British Museum

This is something you cannot miss in your London tours. British Museum tours are an important part of any tours in London. It is free to visit the Museum, and there are many things to explore here. There are many exhibits, which are famous around the world. This includes the Pantheon and the Rosetta Stone. A British Museum guided tour can help you to understand the history behind all the things exhibited here.

Watch the Changing of the Guard Ceremony

It happens every day at 11.30 am at the Buckingham Palace. You can watch it free, but you can expect a huge crowd there. You can take some snaps here, and it will be a memorable moment. You should also remember that this is not a show, and hence, be sure that you remain calm and quiet while watching it. You can also watch this one in Windsor where there would not be heavy crowds disturbing you.

Visit the Diana Fountain

Bushy Park is a royal garden where you will get to see Baroque water garden and the Diana Fountain. The park is a mixture of grasslands, waterways, and gardens. You will also find a lot of fallow and red deer here.

Keep note of these things if you are going on a tour to London.

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