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London is undoubtedly one of the most appealing and culturally significant cities in the world. The main highlight of this popular city is the number of attractions it hosts such as The British Museum, Hyde Park, The Tower of London, Picturesque Thames River, London Eye, and many more. Obviously, it will not be possible for the visitors to venture each and every landmark in the city without proper planning. On top of that, chances are more for a first-timer to end up going overboard on your transportation expenses as well as making the entire process a hectic and time-consuming one. In order to tackle such situation and make your London trip an ever-cherishing and exciting affair, it is a good option to rely on public transportation in the city.

It will be worth noting that there are around ten million people residing in the Great London area and hence, the capital city of Great Britain employ a decent public transportation system that includes a number of transportation facilities. Relying on any of these options will make it easier for both visitors and locals to get around in London. Plus, you can use either your debit or credit cards to book tickets in the capital city of Great Britain, apart from the city credit cards. The contactless technology employed here will let the transport system to figure out the cheapest fares available for you. In fact, this is one of the things that make transportation in London comfortable and hassle-free. Some of the best public transportation facilities you may consider are listed below.

The Tube

The subway or tube is one of the ideal options for the visitors to travel around in the city quickly irrespective of the popular traffic scene. Note that this expensive transport network tends to criss-cross in the city mainly by means of underground lines in order to tackle the traffic issues here. In addition, the tube system in the British capital connects most of the suburban areas in the city as well as the major landmarks here. Even though this is one of the oldest modes of transportation in the city, the latest trains employ modern technologies to introduce cell phone signals to most underground sections here. It is to be noted that the subways will be pretty crowded between 08:00 to 10:00 am and 04:00 to 06:00 pm during weekdays. In fact, it will be really hard to find a seat during these peak hours.


Even though the tube is one of the best and easiest ways to get around in London, you can spot red buses in every nook and cranny of the city. There is a number of bus routes available to the city center as well as the outskirts. You can spot at least one bus every ten minute through all the bus routes even during the peak hours. However, the frequency of bus services tends to become low on weekends as well as outside the rush hours. When it comes to night buses, they will be usually available only on the main routes. Hence, if you intend to travel on night buses, make sure that there are buses available in your direction. Note that, night buses will be indicated with the letter ‘N’.

Water Ferry Service

One of the most attractive and scenic ways to enjoy the inimitable beauty of the British capital city is by means of a river cruise. What will be a better option than the Thames River for this? Note that there are river bus services available along the Thames River around Central London. The river buses are available from the Woolwich in the East to the Putney in the West. It is worth noting that the popular O2 arena is housed on the east side of London. Furthermore, there are a total of six service lines along the way. If you own a standard travel card, the ferry rides will not be included in it. However, you can avail a 1/3 discount on a valid city travel card.

Suburban Trains

In case you prefer to head out to the countryside, the suburb trains will be the perfect option. Even though the tube is also a decent option for this, the suburb trains that run over the ground are faster and convenient to travel long distances. Note that there are many outstanding spots outside the city center such as the Wembley and Crystal Palace that you need miss on your London sightseeing trip. Ensure that these neighborhoods are added to your tour itinerary. On the contrary, if you are planning a city tour that involves most of the important landmarks in the city center, the best transportation choice will be the light railway system. These trains operate automatically without drivers and run along the breadth and width of central London. Plus, these trains tend to connect the tube at major stations and hence, you can travel in the light trains using the same travel cards as that of the tube.

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