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Among the hundreds of installations displayed in the multiple locations of the British Museum, there are a few quirky which routinely go unnoticed by most casual visitors. While you are on a British Museum guided tour, you normally focus on what they try to show you, and learn very little aside from it. You should know there are a bunch more things to be aware of regarding the place, such as the following.

A Location for Popular Films

The place may look familiar to movie buffs because it was the location of many popular films such as Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (2014), and Blackmail (1929). Besides this, many music videos and documentaries have also been filmed on these premises.

Biggest Indoor Space According To Google Street View

The British Museum is the building that has the largest indoor space here, according to Google Street View. The indoors can be explored from anywhere at your comfort. Also, when compared to the squares in Europe, the British Museum possesses the largest covered square.

The Unique Color of the Railings Outside

Although it looks very similar to black, the color of the railings on the outside is not really that. These are coated an invisible green, a color of prime significance among the historic monuments in London.

The Oldest Customer Complaint Ever Written Is Displayed Here

Here you get to see what is possibly the oldest ever written complaint in the world. It was brought to London from Mesopotamia hundreds of years back. The inscription is close to 4000 years old and engraved in cuneiform, a type of writing in clay and that is later baked to preserve the message.

Ceaseless Growth of Artifacts in the Museum

The gallery will not look the same every time you visit. It is growing in a remarkable way each month, with the museum regularly acquiring one prominent material or the other. Art lovers are contributing a lot to this, which helps the efforts of the official acquirers working here.

The Triangular Pediment at the Entrance

Created in the 1850s, the architectural wonder in the main entrance is known to mark the seed of enlightenment. Here you can see a man emerging from a rock and meeting the Enlightenment Angel, which is symbolic of the ignorant man seeking the basic skills of agriculture, and later on, knowledge as a whole.

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