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London is a city that entertains all those who are passionate about different games. There are provisions to get involved as well as to enjoy your favorite sport at your comforts here. In fact, the city offers some of the best sports bars that make your sports enjoyment a fantastic experience in London. Below are some of the top sports bars here that you can visit after your British Museum tours to enjoy a game.

Golazio, Walworth

The ones behind the Golazio started this place out of their passion for Serie A or the Italian Football League. The place is themed around the same and offers a great ambiance for soccer lovers. The place is decorated with vintage Italy kits and other accessories. They screen the action on large projectors as visitors enjoy the several delights they serve such as piping hot pizza slices. You can also grab 12-strong Italian craft beer from the section dedicated to it; these are said to be stronger than Calcio Fiorentino. You can enjoy other sporting action here as well when the Serie A league is not on.

The Porterhouse, Covent Garden

The place is a haven for sports lovers, especially the football fanatics. There are 12 levels of beer, plenty of screening action, and live music to your added delight. The Porterhouse overflows with action on match days, and they also conduct live performances by different bands on other nights. If there are special sporting events like the World Cup or the Six Nations Cup, the place literally explodes with action and enthusiasm.

Bar Kick, Shoreditch

This one of the football havens of the city with great overall ambiance. The interiors are decorated with football scarves and the colorful walls with football-related themes make for an amazing experience. The place is used to be a hotspot of football fans during matches, as heated spectatorship is quite common. During times of no action, you can warm up your wrists with a heated game of fuzzball. Make sure you head to this place on your London tours, especially if football is your thing.

Greenwood, Victoria

Greenwood is a place that supports all popular games of the region including boxing, football, and rugby. The place has a number of television screens to screen all the hot action going on. Besides, the club has a vintage vibe to it. The old-fashioned lighting and the medieval sideboards make you feel like you have gone back a couple of centuries in time. Grab one of the best items served here such as croquettes, pizza, or buffalo wings, which are named after sports references, such as Get the Ball Rolling, The Whole Nine Yards, and The Gloves are Off.

Radicals & Victuallers, Angel

This is more of a bar that screens sport rather than a sports bar. They serve excellent varieties of drinks like Thornbridge, Tiny Rebel, and Brewdog. You can also grab a pint of one of these as you watch your favorite team in action. Overall, it is a great place to grab a drink watching sports live.

The Faltering Fullback, Finsbury

The Faltering Fullback, located in Finsbury is the place to head to if you are a rugby fan. They are also one of the popular hangout spots for the rugby enthusiasts and the place gets filled up pretty fast well ahead of the game. When the bar gets crowded and everyone is competing for a glance at a screen, it makes it all a part of the sports experience.

Sydney Arms, Chelsea

This pub also calls itself “London’s Racing Pub”, and is a favorite among the racing fanatics. There are five screens showing live action, as you get to sip a drink of your choice. They usually show a lot of rugby and football matches. Many of the important grizzled racing people also visit the place often.

Look Mum, No Hands!, Old Street

This bar has great aesthetics; there are cycles dangling from the ceiling all around. It generally supports more of cycling action and the place is also themed around cycling. You can watch major cycling events live and cycling documentaries if you get a chance to visit this place.

Hamlet Bar, East Dulwich

This club bar is a place where you can enjoy a drink and have a good time, and you do not have to be a football fan for that either. The place is ideal to jump in and have a pre-match drink or a raffle. There is also a pool table to keep you entertained if there is no sporting action going on. When here, try the Edgar Kail Pale Ale, which is a drink named after a legend of the club. They also serve real ale as well as homemade butties. It is a very friendly bar and a great place to visit after your British Museum tours.

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