Bible Tours Of British Museum

Take A Tour Of The Bible At The British Museum

Bible Tours Of British Museum
Bible Tours Of British Museum

Known to be the most renowned museum on earth, the British museum features few artifacts which have biblical importance. Read on to go on a biblical tour of british museum with me.  

The Epic Of Creation

Dating back to 650 B.C., the epic of creation is an Assyrian artifact. It discusses how the world began from an Assyrian purview and many of the showcased details can be related to the Holy Bible. For instance, there is a mention of the creation of this world which is inspired by Genesis from the Holy Bible. There are even references to the birth of a son and also about Sabbath which also leads us to the Genesis chapter. 

The Epic Of Gilgamesh

Similar to the epic of creation, this Assyrian artifact also dates to 650 B.C. It describes the great flood, the one mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 to 8. The story is well known, it is about Noah creating the Arc as asked by God and refuging in it at the time of the great flood.

The Epic Of Atra-Hasis

This artifact is Babylonian in origin and dates back to 1650 B.C. Similar to the Epic of Gilgamesh, this artifact also describes the great flood, however, the only exception being, it is a Babylonian version of the flood.  

Amarna Letters

Dating back to the 14th century B.C., these artifacts are ideally letters of desperate pleas addressed to Pharaoh. This artifact features innumerable mentions about Canaanite cities.

Balawat Gate

Although the display of the main gate in the museum is only a replica, other depictions placed in and around the room are original. These gates are believed to be the gates of the Assyrian city named Balawat which was situated near Nineveh. The biblical importance of this gate is that the prophet Jonah walked through these gates while preaching at Nineveh. 

Kurkh Monolith

This monument belongs to 850 B.C. and it is an Assyrian artifact. It documents the victories of Shalmaneser III and confirms the existence of “Ahab the Israelite” as mentioned in 1 Kings of the Holy Bible. It also evidences the power of the kingdom of Israel who sent 10,000 troops to fight at the Battle of Qarqar. There are also references to the King of Syria. 

The Bible tours of British museum are indeed a great way of gaining more confidence about the incidents described in the Holy Bible. 

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