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There is vast collection of historical objects from around the globe displayed in the British Museum. You will come across many such objects which will help you to learn about the history of countries across the world. Following are some of the important items at the British Museum that you should not miss during your British Museum Tours. Your tour will not be complete without visiting these masterpieces.

The Portland Vase

It is a cameo glass vessel. The Portland Vase might have probably made between AD5 and 25 in Rome. The vase would have been created as a wedding gift as it depicts pictures of love and marriage. This vase is constructed with a dark blue glass and has a white glass overlay. It is assumed that the scenes on this vase have been carved by a gem cutter. In the 18th century, Josiah Wedgwood, who was an English potter as well as an entrepreneur, constructed a duplicate of the original Portland Vase in black Jasperware. This piece is still considered as one of his masterpieces.

The Cat Mummies

There is an impressive collection of mummies in the British Museum. These mummies are displayed in a way that the visitors can see and understand about the detailed wrappings on them. Some displays the clothes along with shoes and other objects along with which these mummies were buried in.

The cat mummies that are displayed in the museum are a symbol of devotional sidelight that existed in the ancient Egypt. During this period Egyptians associated cats with the goddess Bastet. The young cats from her temples were periodically culled. These were mummified using elaborate wrappings. People could purchase these cat mummies and bury them in cemeteries specifically for cats.

Colossal Granite Head of Amenhotep III

This is a gigantic head pharaoh Amenhotep III. This construction is about 9.5 feet tall and weighs almost 4 tons. Amenhotep III ruled between the period of 1390 and 1325 BC. The museum purchased this head in 1823 which was discovered before 1817.

The Lewis Chessmen

This is a group of chess pieces. The chess pieces are carved in whalebone and walrus ivory. The period in which this chess pieces were created might be in the 12th century. The chess pieces are believed to be made in Norway. This chess pieces are among one of the popular attraction in the British museum that you should not miss.

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