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The British museum is among the most famous attractions in London. It houses a huge collection of artifacts from all over the world dating back to thousands of years. However, visiting the British museum can be a little hectic when you consider the large number of people visiting the museum every year. Therefore, we are suggesting some awesome ideas that you can try to make your British museum tours hassle-free.

Avoid Peak Times

It is better to avoid peak time if you are planning to visit the British museum. Even though you will not be able to find it empty or even close to that at any time, you can try to visit when it is a little quieter. We recommend arriving for the opening at 10 a.m., or you can also visit later on a Friday when the museum closes at 5:30 p.m. The crowd will be a little less during these hours and you can enjoy the exhibits without feeling suffocated by a large number of people.

Pay attention to the temporary exhibitions conducted by the museum also; if it is popular it will attract more number of people than usual. The museum also gets especially full during the opening and closing weeks of these exhibitions.

Visit the Popular Ones First

If you are lucky enough to enter the museum at 10 a.m., your aim should be to visit the most popular sights before everyone else, as these sights will get crowded easily.

Prepare in Advance

If you are taking brief British museum tours, you will only get time to skim the huge amount of collections this museum has to offer. Therefore, if you know about the exhibits in advance, it will help you to enjoy each exhibit within the limited time you get. There are many podcasts that tells the story of many of the objects housed in the museum. Listening to these podcasts in advance will help you to get an idea of what you are about to visit.

Purchasing Online Tickets for Temporary Exhibitions

Even though the entry to the museum and its permanent exhibits are free, there will be some special exhibitions that will have an admission fee. It is better to book your tickets online for these exhibitions as you won’t have to wait in long queues to purchase the tickets if you plan to visit them. It will save your time and the hassle associated with waiting in line for hours.

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