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London is a city with several attractions and things to explore. There are so many places and attractions in London that it is very difficult to explore them fully even in a year. If you are on your tour to London, you cannot miss some of the main attractions of the city. However, if you are traveling with your family, you may have to choose the family-friendly destinations to visit during your stay here. There are so many such destinations in London, and it would not be difficult for you to shortlist some of the important family-friendly attractions in Central London.

Here are some suggestions for family-friendly attractions in Central London, which you may add to your itinerary for London tours.

Buckingham Palace

This is one of the most majestic buildings in the city. It is the headquarters of administration for the British monarch who is reigning. The public has access to the palace during the summer when special exhibitions will be held in the staterooms. During the winter and the Easter, the public can enter through the palace gates for a few days.

If your travel to London is not in any of these seasons when the access is permitted, you may still see the changing of guard ceremony happening at 11 am in front of the palace. You may check the website of the palace to know more details about this. Seeing the palace from the outside itself will be a memorable experience. Keep in mind that you can get to the palace through the Green Park station.

London Eye

It will be an amazing experience to enjoy the beauty of the Big Smoke from the top of the London Eye. It is also called as the millennium wheel, and it was built to celebrate the change of the millennium. It is a structure, which is 443 feet tall and one can get beautiful panoramic views of the city from here. The St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Parliament Houses, and the tracks of the Waterloo Station are all visible from here. The view will be more stunning on a clear day. However, the important attractions will be visible even on a little cloudy day as well.

Riverboat Services on Thames

The Thames River has great significance in the culture and history of London. Many of the popular landmarks of London are constructed along the Thames River. You can get better views of these monuments from the River than from the road. If you try to see these structures from on the road, vehicles on the road will obstruct your views. There will be people and cars blocking the view in the photos you take.

However, if you take the service offered by the Thames riverboat, you can have the best view possible without any kind of disturbances. You will get to see the London Eye, the Parliament Houses, Tower Bridge, and even the St. Paul’s Cathedral. The boat services run from Putney to Greenwich in the west to east direction. There is a bar on the boat if you want to have a drink while cruising.

British Museum

This is a museum, which is a sanctum of human civilization and the achievements of humanity. There is a very large collection of human artifacts in the museum. One can have an overview of the history of the world by watching the exhibits at the British Museum. There are around eight million permanent exhibits in the museum. It holds the credit of being the first national museum of public nature in the world.

The Rosetta Stone, Parthenon Marbles, Egyptian mummies, etc. are the main attractions of the British Museum. You should not miss out on British Museum tours in the time you spent in London. Going on a British Museum guided tour can help you understand the facts about each of the things displayed in the museum. British museum tours can be accomplished along with your family since the museum is family-friendly. It will be a remarkable experience if you are a history enthusiast.

Tower of London

It is a fortress built during the medieval period. William the Conqueror built it after he had defeated the Anglo Saxon army of King Harold Godwinson. This victory happened in the year 1066, in the Battle of Hastings. The purpose of constructing the tower was to amaze the people of the city and to bring them under his control. The tower can be found on the north side bank of the River Thames. It is believed that they used the Roman city walls for protection during the construction of the tower.

London Aquarium

It is the place to see the aquatic wonders in London. It is located between the Westminster Bridge and the London Eye. You can observe a shark tank, octopuses, starfish, sea anemone, etc. here. If you have children, they will be amazed by seeing these creatures.

Add some of these places to your London itinerary to have a memorable experience.

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