Exciting Things to Do in London without Spending a Penny

British Museum Tours
British Museum Highlights

It is a known thing that the majestic London city offers a wide range of exciting things to see and do. However, getting interesting things to enjoy free of cost will be an even more appealing affair for sure. London has no shortage in that area either. Apart from most of the incredible museums in the city that offer free entries, there are many picturesque parks, phenomenal churches, impressive cemeteries, crowded market places, and spectacular viewpoints, that can be ventured for free. If you have a London trip on the horizon, you may consider the following list of free attractions in the city in order to make it an exciting and affordable tour.

British Museum Tours

The British Museum is one of the biggest and top-rated attractions in London, and fortunately, the entry to this incredible museum is free of cost. This explains why most travelers include British Museum tours in their itinerary. You will be amazed to know that the British Museum houses around 8 million artifacts from all over the world. The artifacts housed in the British Museum rage from Egyptian mummies to the Rosetta stone and Anglo-Saxon burial treasures. Even though only 1% of the total objects will be put on display at a time, it comes around a whopping 80,000 exhibits.

Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament in the Queen Elizabeth Tower, which is popularly known as the Big Ben. Undoubtedly, this stunning 19th-century neo-classical monument will surely be a visual delight to the eyes of every visitor out there, especially architecture and history enthusiasts. Comprising of the House of Lords and House of Commons, a visit to the Houses of Parliament is a great option if you desire to see the British democracy in action for real.

Borough Market

This amazing market can be referred to as a foodie’s paradise. Actually, the Borough Market is one of the most ancient and successful spots in London. In fact, the market celebrated its 1000th birthday in 2014. This well-established market will function from Mondays through Saturdays, and is crammed with a number of eateries that offers the cuisines from all over the world. The market is an ideal place to take a stroll as well if you are not a food enthusiast. Still, you may try out some free food samples. Furthermore, the spectacular maze of Victorian arches above the market offers it a romantic appeal.

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