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A person who studies the history of Britain can understand the influence that the Vikings had on the nation. It was in 789 AD that the Vikings first reached the British shores. They stepped their foot on Lindisfarne where they did all the cruel things they could do. They brought down a Christian monastery and killed the monks who dwelt there. Also, they took away the books and treasures that were present there. Today, there are several places in Britain where you can see the Viking artifacts and treasures. Visiting such places during your London tours can be an amazing experience. This can help you learn about the influence that they had on the people of Britain.

Here are some suggestions for places where you can visit to see and learn about the Vikings.

Jorvik Viking Centre

Though it can be considered as a museum, it is much more than that. The animatronic forms of the Vikings will take back the visitor to the time in which they lived. The visitors can climb underground to around 6 meters where they can see the walls of the famous historic city. The modern technology has been widely used here to give an amazing visual treat to the tourists. In the Jorvik Artifact Gallery, you can find many pottery pieces and other individual objects, which will amaze those who love them.

The Dock Museum

It is a museum, which houses objects, and artifacts, which are too old, and the ones, which are so new. There are some hand axes, which date back to the Neolithic period and the board games of the 1970s. The most significant collection is from Furness Hoard, which is the large collection of Anglo-Saxon and Viking artifacts and coins that were discovered in 2011. They speak volumes of the trade and politics of the time of the Vikings.

Yorkshire Museum

The real strength and wealth of Britain at the time of the Vikings can be understood from the artifacts displayed in the Yorkshire Museum. The Coppergate Helmet and the Gilling Sword portray the high status and wealth of the time of the Vikings.

British Museum

This has a tremendous collection of objects from the time of Vikings, which will be helpful for those who wish to learn about Viking life. However, it will be wise on your part to check beforehand to know what are the artifacts on display at the time of your visit. You can find the Sutton Hoo helmet here, which will be crucial in your comparative study of the two cultures.

If you are a history enthusiast, make sure you visit some of these during your London tours.

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