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Best Campsites Near London

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London is blessed with a lot of natural landscapes where you can spend a peaceful day far away from the busy life of the city. There are a lot of outdoor locations near London that you can reach by a short train journey. These are perfect destinations to head to after your city tours including British museum tours, Tower of London tours, Palace tours, etc. After your city exploration, heading to these camping sites for spending a calm and quiet day along with your friends and family will be a relaxing and pleasurable experience for you.

If you are having trouble to find out good camping sites near London, we are here to help. Following are some wonderful outdoor locations where you can go camping or picnicking along with your loved ones after your British Museum guided tour and other city tours.

Plush Tents Glamping, Sussex

Are you looking for a wonderful campsite without ditching the comfort? Then this is the ideal choice for you. Plush Tents offer you luxury camping in its opulent yurts that can be bigger and nicer than your apartments. This beautiful camping location is tucked away in the stunning and picturesque South Downs.

When you get bored with the on-site yurts and hammocks, you can always stroll down to the nearby sea or explore the lovely city of Chichester.

The Fire Pit Camp, Norfolk

Do you want to party while going on camping, then head straight to Fire Pit camp. Here, you can rent the whole site for partying with your friends and family. This site accommodates 15 tent pitches along with a Wren’s Nest which is a cozy and cool “hazel bender-tent”.

Along with camping and picnicking, this camping site offers a lot of other activities including yoga classes. There is also an old double-decker bus situated here, where you can hangout or read a book. If you are craving for coffee or cocktails, then head to the warehouse.

From May to September during the weekends, this destination will allow only whole site hiring, but during the weekdays, smaller groups can go for camping. Another attraction of this site is a fire pit where you can get some warmth on a cold day and enjoy a nice evening with your family members or friends.

Holden Farm Camping, Hampshire

You can reach this stunning campsite by traveling for a couple of hours southwest of the city. This place attracts campers with its serene atmosphere and spectacular beauty. Another attraction is that it will allow you to pitch up next to the magnificent, breezy and bright meadows of the South Downs.

The actual farm is very spacious that spreads across 700 acres and is home to a total of 150 woolly sheep. It provides you enormous space to set up your tent or just to wander around. There are fire pits for making your evenings lovely while toasting marshmallows with your family and friends. But if you want to roam further afield, then head straight to The Flower Pots pub located in Cheriton or to the wonderful market town New Alresford that are just a short drive away.

Alde Garden, Suffolk

This tiny retreat offers a variety of options for those who love camping including yurts, gypsy caravan, bell tent, woodland hideout or they can experience the wonderful feel of a full-blown country living in Badger Cottage. You can also bring your own tent to pitch here. It is a lovely place which is surrounded by luscious greenery and woodland and is full of chickens and ducks. This site provides a serene and tranquil atmosphere for the campers.

Another attraction of this location is that it is set in the grounds of a belting pub known as Sweffling White Horse that serves different types of local ales. This pub has won several CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) awards and makes an ideal destination for you to hangout.

Eco Camp UK at Wild Boar Wood, West Sussex

Even though a lot of camping sites label themselves as “secret”, the Wild Boar is really a covert location that reveals the camping spot only after booking, for preserving the area’s isolated feel. However, it is known that this place is located in a bluebell wood in a designated area that has outstanding natural beauty and is not too far from Brighton.

You don’t have to bring your own tent as there will be bell tents set up here with no power and an open fire for cooking. Also, you will be able to witness steam trains that move along the Bluebell Railway that still has the charm of the 1930s.

The Secret Campsite, East Sussex

Even though it is called The Secret Campsite, it is not quite a secret site. Tucked away in an East Sussex hamlet, this destination is ideal for exploring the spectacular town of Lewes and also the coastal chaos of Brighton. It is a chilled-space that is surrounded by woodland where you may be able to catch a glimpse of sparrow hawks, deer, and glow-worms.

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