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British Museum Virtual Tour
British Museum Virtual Tour

VR or Virtual Reality offers an immersive experience and is considered by experts as the next stage of entertainment. The British Museum is one of the first museums to utilise this technology for its visitors. Therefore, it uses this technology to offer a virtual immersive experience of its bronze age site. So how does this technology create a more immersive experience? Let us see.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

VR lets you transport the user from his/her immediate surroundings to any location that they wish using a VR headset. Moreover, they can see the surroundings in 360 degrees, walk and interact with it as if they are present there. This technology is predominantly used in immersive games and virtual tours of travel destinations.

British Museum Bronze Age VR Experience

The Bronze Age site was chosen for British Museum Virtual Tour because much about this period is known through archaeological evidence. A virtual environment enables better understanding for the visitors because it lets them interact with objects at the site. Moreover, it is like having a first-hand experience of the life of people from that period. This is achieved by scanning the original Bronze Age site exhibits and then uploading them into this virtual environment. Therefore, it provides a novel method to learn and teach history for students and the general population.

The visitor wears a headset that transports them to a rural landscape from 3500 BC. Here they will be standing in the open-air with a  roundhouse from then facing them. This experience is very immersive because the 360 visual field is complemented by a living environment. This is achieved by 360 sound of crackling of a fire, birds tweeting, wind etc. Moreover, users can walk around, navigate and sense the environment with the aid of a touchpad. Entering the house, they can experience the interiors of the house which includes neat living space.

Users can experience the 3 scanned objects that glow with a blue tint to make them stand out. Because, it gives them a visual cue letting them know that they can interact with them like in regular computer games. Touching them gives a much closer and detailed view of these objects which they can rotate with the touchpad. This experience is non-linear in nature without a beginning or end. Hence, visitors can interact with the objects many times. The boundary of the virtual environment outside is marked by a woven fence with the scene of the distant wooden landscape.

It is obvious from the above details that this is one of the best British Museum tours that you can try. Because it offers an immersive and personal experience you can recommend to family and friends.

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