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Attractive Cafes in London you Must Visit

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Must Visit London Restaurants

The capital of the UK has an abundance of outdoor spots for you to visit. Once you are done with a day’s traveling, there are great hangout spots for you to rest and get rid of the fatigue. These cafes offer ample space and ambiance to recharge yourself. They also provide some interesting refreshments. Below are a few of the top cafes in London that you can visit after your British museum tours.

Sew Over It Clapham

In this basement café in Clapham, you will find a group of women sewing away. It is a space filled with wicker baskets alongside floral prints and cushions with attractive designs. They charge a small fee and you can get unlimited tea. You can enjoy sewing while getting access to a wide range of sewing gear. You will find walls lined with sewing machines and racks with different types of scissors. There are also irons kept over ironing boards. Do not worry if you are a beginner in sewing. They also offer classes.

Porridge Café

Porridge Café is a brightly lit café that specializes in porridges. It offers a variety of fancy cakes that keep changing regularly. The specialties include day-starting fares such as cashew butter, blueberry, pomegranate, orange, dates, and ginger. Further, there are also several porridges that are worth remembering for a long time like the ‘risottos’. Other important meals include ragu, basil, feta, slow-cooked beef, spelt porridge topped with capers, poached egg, and a beetroot.


Even though it may sound weird, this is a Victorian ex-public lavatory that has been converted into a neat daytime café. The porcelain urinals of the past have become a counter. The vintage lampshades and the tiles all exist with a historic aura about them. You can taste their special brunch menu which consists of pastries, cereals, and toast. Further, there are other lunch offerings such as salads, sandwiches, and soups.


This is one of the most attractive themed cafes in the city. It was converted from a railway arch to a tabletop gaming center. It contains bookshelves with over 500 games. They have staff who are willing to teach you the rules after you pay the cover charge. You can then spend time until the place closes for the day. Further, there are sandwiches, salads, charcuterie platters, and cakes available for you to try between the games. Make sure not to spill your food over the game boards.

Trew Era Café

This is a well-known veggie organic café in London and is situated in New Era estate at Hoxton. It is a place made by Russell Brand at a location where he had held campaigns regarding the pricing out by development in the area. The place is a non-profit-making social enterprise where you can find only locally-sourced ingredients. It supports the cause of local producers. The minimalistic décor also stands out if you visit the place. With plain breezeblock walls, vintage lightbulbs, and metal cages filled with veggies, this place evokes a vintage ambiance. Their specialties include fancy toasties like spinach, mint, feta, and aubergine.

The Canvas Café

This East London venue focuses on creating a positive impact on its customers by providing a lively space and delicious food. It supports the cause of the local community and conducts feel-good singalongs, retro film screenings, lunchtime yoga sessions, and self-esteem workshops. There are also delicious items like blackened banana muffins, chocolate Guinness cake, sweet treats, and apple upside-down cake

Coffee, Cake, and Kisses

This is a stylish crowd-funded eatery that aims to bring together people of all sexualities, lifestyles’, relationship models, and genders to build all types of relationships. There are several interesting features such as a board where customers can stick cards to tell people about their perfect kiss. They also have a place where couples can talk through their issues. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the chefs while they bake feta triangles, golden spinach, or glossy pecan pies.

Cereal Killer Café

This is a café dedicated to different bowls of cereals that range from healthy options to unusual choices. They have varieties of neon-colored foreign cereals along with toppings that include dried marshmallows and peanut butter chips. The stand out item in the store would be the Chocapotamus cereal ‘cocktail’. It contains Coco Pops along with chocolate milk. Note that the place is slightly crowded on the weekends.


One of the most special attractions about this place is that they offer unlimited peanut butter over the toast. It also emphasizes the artistically minded people and they charge based on the time you spend there. This allows you to use the facilities you want. The kitchen is open and has teas, espresso machine, and snacks. Besides, there are books to read and records you can play.

London has a great collection of attractive cafes. You can visit these places after your British museum tours and experience the different ambiance that each one brings.

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