A List of Islamic Artworks to Be Displayed by the British Museum

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The British Museum will host the exhibition titled “Inspired by the East” from October 10, 2019, to January 26, 2020. This exhibition will explore how artists from the west have been inspired by the world of Islamic people.

The British Museum notes, “The show takes a deeper look at the art movement of ‘Orientalism’ – specifically the way in which North Africa and the Middle East were represented as lands of beauty and intrigue, especially in European and North American art.” It will cover artistic works spanning five centuries, including the following ones.

“Les Femmes du Maroc”

In your British Museum guided tour, you will see this photo from one set of three, which depicts people in textiles shrouded in script. For language enthusiasts, here is a piece of information: this set of three pictures is called a “triptych”.

This triptych made by Moroccan painter cum photographer Lalla Essaydi features in her book titled “Les Femmes du Maroc”. In the book, Essaydi revisits her past. She was born in Morocco, but moved to Saudi Arabia and lived there.

The Great Umayyad Mosque

This is a 19th-century painting created by the German artist named Carl Wuttke. Born in 1849, the German was specialized in architectural and landscape painting. Today, many of his works attract lofty bids from art lovers in auctions.

The Prayer

Frederick Arthur Bridgman created this painting, showing two people praying. While one of the two men looks above, the other is depicted as though he is about to bow down. The Alabama-born artist was known for works with Orientalist subjects.

Sultan Bayezid I

This portrait of the Ottoman Empire ruler, Sultan Bayezid I is so rich in imagination. He is depicted as wearing a big turban and striking cloak embroidery. The painted work dates way back to the year 1580, but it does not look that old. As the word goes among art lovers, “old is gold” and this painting shows you why this is the case.

The Princess

Made by the illustrator named Edmund Dulac, this 1914 painting shows a monster-like creature and a girl in a fight. The French British illustrator initially studied law in France, but he later switched career to art. It is good that he made this move, because today’s art lovers get to enjoy stunning pieces such as this one.

Mosque Lamp

This enameled and gilt glass mosque lamp was made by French artist Philippe-Joseph Brocard. Dated 1877, it is a prime example of the craftsman’s mastery of the Islamic glass-making tradition.

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