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A First Timer’s Guide to Visit the British Museum using British Museum Tours

British Museum Tours
British Museum Guide

London is home to over 150 museums, exhibitions, and galleries that would be mostly spread across the city. The city has many museums for almost everything including natural history museums, war museums, science museums, zoology museums, etc. But the British museum outshines and overshadows all other museums. 

There is a lot to know about the British Museum in London – where to find the tickets for the tours, about the exhibits at the museum, about the restaurants near the museum, and about the tips on visiting the museum.  

The British Museum is one of the largest and comprehensive museums among all other museums that house permanent collections of more than eight million articles and works. The museum takes every visitor to the birth of civilization and mankind through the collections and exhibits, and it is mainly dedicated to showcasing and documenting the evolution of mankind using exhibits from all parts of the world.

History of the British Museum in London

The British Museum which is located in London was established in 1753 and it is the world’s first national public museum. The exhibits that are on the display at the British Museum are mostly based on the collection of an Irish scientist, Hans Sloane. Even though the British Museum didn’t start out with a lot of objects, over the period of the last two centuries, it has gone through several major changes like widespread expansions and renovations, to include the growing collection in the museum.  

Today, the museum is home to many collections of artifacts, statues, paintings, manuscripts, antiques that are collected from all around the world. These are all dedicated to showcasing the bounds of history.

The Architecture of the British Museum

The design of the British Museum follows the Greek revival style, and it emulates the classical Greek architecture using columns and decorative pediments at the southern entrance. The core of the museums was designed by an eminent neoclassical artist, Sir Robert Smirke. 

The exterior of the museum which is built beautifully with a lot of decorations is what is most striking about the museum. This has helped to convey to the onlookers of the museum about the valuable treasures that are stored inside the museum. The museum has gone through several renovations and expansions for which a number of other architects also worked.

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